Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already have a B.S. degree?

All students who are accepted into the CLS program at the University of Kansas Medical Center must satisfy our degree requirements for a B.S. in CLS. Students who already have a degree will receive a second degree.

Requirements and Process for Admission/Application to the Program

Everything needed for application can be found in the How to Apply section.

Costs of Program

The tuition is subject to change every year pending legislative action. The current tuition and fees for the program are published in the Timetable of Classes for the University of Kansas ( Students enroll for 70-72 credit hours during the 2 years at the KUMC campus. There are additional campus privilege fees and laboratory fees that students also pay.

Living Arrangement Possibilities for Students

The KUMC campus does not have dorms. Students typically find housing in apartments in the metro area.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

All student loans must be obtained through KUMC and not your current school. (This includes students currently attending the KU-Lawrence campus). For student loan opportunities, assistance and forms please visit the KUMC Office of the Registrar Web site.

Program Starting & Ending Dates

The professional program has one intake of students per year in the fall semester (August) of each academic year. Students completing one concentration (clinical or molecular) will graduate in May of the second year. Students competing both concentrations will graduate in December of the second year.

Application Deadline

Applications received by December 15 are reviewed first. Applications will continue to be accepted until the class is filled.

Can I do a phone interview for out of state applications?

The Admissions Committee would consider that request.

Part-time Employment Possibilities

Students should consider carefully their academic load before accepting part-time employment, as the last two years are science-intensive. Students in the program are often able to find employment in local hospital and reference laboratories.

Health Insurance Opportunities

All students are required to have health insurance. The Student Admissions Office on this campus has information about acceptable insurance policies for students. You can contact them to determine the cost.

Official Uniform Requirements

Currently the students are required to wear plain-colored scrubs (without printed figures).

I am an international student from India and English is my primary spoken language. Am I required to provide English language proficiency exam scores?

Yes. Please see our requirements for international students on the eligibility page.

Do I need to get the background check done when applying to the program?

Not during the application process, but you will be required to follow the background check procedure once you are accepted into the program and to complete it before you are allowed to enter the program. Students in online-only programs are not required to complete a background check.

Will my financial aid transfer over from KU-Lawrence Campus to KU Medical Center?

No, it does not transfer from KU to KUMC. Contact the KUMC Office of Student Financial Aid at 913-588-5170 or visit their website.

I already have a degree, but it's from a non-U.S. university. What steps do I need to take?

All non-U.S. transcripts must be evaluated before they will be accepted. Please see our information for international students page for more details about this procedure.

Is there any housing available on-campus?

There is no student housing on the KU Medical Center campus. Most students live in apartments in surrounding neighborhoods and are responsible for arranging their own housing. Many local housing ads are posted on this Web site.

I need driving directions to KU Medical Center.

KU Medical Center is centrally located in Kansas City and easily accessible from I-35. The campus resides at 39th Street and Rainbow Boulevard. See our maps and directions page for more information.

Last modified: Jan 14, 2013

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Faculty from KU's clinical laboratory science program Eric Elsinghorst, Jan Hudzicki and Jennifer Jones presented a session titled “Teaching Tips for New Instructors” at the 2014 Clinical Laboratory Educators’ Conference held in San Jose, Calif., Feb 20-22.

Prospective Students

The priority deadline to apply to this program is December 15. Applications are accepted past that date until the next class has been filled. Students begin class fall semester. 

Graduates of KU's clinical laboratory science program have an average passing rate of 93% on the ASCP Board of Certification Exam.

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