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·  University of Kansas Medical Center

·  Department of Occupational Therapy Education

·  School of Health Professions

·  Department of Molecular & Integrative Physiology

·  Kansas Mental Retardation & Human Development Research Center

You can also find out more about my research.

Teaching-related sites:

Sorry, but access to some of the documents below is restricted to KU Medical Center students only. If you are enrolled in the course and attempting to access this information from an off-campus site, consider using the Blackboard/Angel portal.

Syllabus for Neuroscience Analysis of Occupational Performance (OCTH 455), taught at KUMC each fall for students in the MOT program. This course for the MOT students is co-taught with the Physical Therapy Education Department's Neuroscience (PTRS 850).

Syllabus for Contexts of Occupations (OCTH 445), taught at KUMC each Spring for 1st year students in the MOT program.

Syllabus for the Independent Study course, used to support participation by OT students in the Robinson Scholarship program in Vellore, India.

Syllabus for The Research Process (OCTH 725), taught each Spring for 2nd year students in the MOT program.

Syllabus for Biographics: Effective Presentations in Scientific Settings (GSMC 857), for graduate students in the basic sciences. This is a list of previous topics that prior students have explored as part of this seminar. I've prepared a series of Guides for facilitating scholarly communication as part of this seminar; feel free to browse and to pass the address for these materials onto others who might be interested:

• A handout from my continuing education workshop series The Brain and the Big Screen.

Links to various resources:

All work and no play . . .

Kansas City & its environs

A category for local events, news, and opinions.

A site offering quite an extensive listing of events, activities, and services available in the Kansas City area

Stop by the headquarters of Hallmark, the greeting card company! You should visit their museum in person (it's nearby the Crown Center shopping district), but you also can send an electronic greeting from your computer!

Have a kid or two hanging around the house? Worse yet, are you visiting the city and those kids are hanging around the hotel room? You have my sympathy! Here are a few thoughts:

This is just a brief summary of those near to Kansas City. Many other Kansas museums can be found at the Kansas Museums webpage.

Personal stuff . . .

I did my graduate work in one of the more beautiful places in North America. See if you agree - check out the official tourism website for Nova Scotia, the City of Halifax web pages (also with links to the many scenic and cultural sites surrounding the city) and the Dalhousie University home page. There also are quite a few webcams with views of Halifax.

A particularly cool site, especially for those in the north, is the Aurora borealis forecast page.

Last updated:  July 2012