Blue Phone Locations

Blue phones are a direct line to the University of Kansas Medical Center police dispatcher.  If you need help but cannot speak, leave the blue phone off the hook.  The Dispatcher will automatically know your location.  An Officer will be dispatched if there is any indication you need help.  If you have an emergency or see someone suspicious - use the blue phone

The blue phones do NOT dial out they go directly to our police dispatcher.  The blue phones do not call other extensions.  If you accidentally pick up the blue phone please stay on the line until our dispatchers answer and ask you a few short questions.  Blue phones can be used for emergency, non-emergencies, to request an escort and to request a motorist assist.
Blue Phone locations


  • Student center west entrance
  • MRRC Southside outside entrance
  • Kirmayer South East corner
  • Lot 99 North End
  • Lot 99 South End
  • Breidenthal South East corner
  • Orr-Major North side
  • Dykes Library South side
  • KU Hospital front by revolving door
  • KU Hospital under Sutherland building
  • Lot 91 North side by West 36th street
  • Lot 98 South West corner by stairs leading to Rainbow
  • Lot 98 South East corner ramp leading to lot 99
  • Support Services front door
  • Support Services behind building
  • Lot 95 on walkway
  • Lot 95 top of walkway
  • Lot 95 near bus shelter
  • Landon Center South East side door
  • Landon Center Main entrance
  • Lot 89 West 38th & Booth small lot
  • Lot 88 West 39th & Springfield
  • Lot 90 W 36th & Eaton Northwest corner
  • Lot 90 W. 36th & Eaton South side
  • Lot 90 W. 36th & Eaton North East corner
  • Support services gravel lot


  • Murphy Building Main Lobby
  • School of Nursing 1st floor
  • School of Nursing Basement student lockers South end
  • Wescoe Pavilion Room 2044
  • DELP hallway 2nd floor Nurse station
  • DELP hallway 3rd floor Nurse station
  • Olathe Pavilion Basement by Elevator
  • Olathe Pavilion Ground Floor South Entrance
  • Olathe Pavilion Tennis court
  • Olathe Garage tunnel
  • Smith East ground floor hallway
  • Dykes Library circulation  (Button)
  • H.C. Miller PDES Clinic Room 1020
  • Orr-Major Canteen Area
  • Police Dispatch outer door
  • Police Squad room South Side entrance
  • Applegate Telephone Switch room
  • DELP Sunflower gift shop
  • KU Hospital Outpatient Psych Room 1320
  • KU Hospital Gift shop
  • Olathe Pavilion Nurses Station 2nd floor
  • Olathe Pavilion Nurses Station 3rd floor

Last modified: Mar 19, 2013