Scoring Criteria

Presentations will be scored against 5 criteria:

  1. Abstract
    Assess how well the presenter adheres to the guidelines set forth in the call for abstracts i.e. does the abstract summarize the purpose of the research, methods/materials, results, and conclusions in an effective, concise manner?
  2. Presentation Style
    Assess the presenter's level of preparation, the overall polish of the presentation, and the presenter's ability to handle and respond to questions from the judges/audience. Assess the presenter's ability to organize the overall presentation, ability to use audio-visual aids effectively, and ability to complete the presentation during the allotted time limit. Also assess the presenter's professional appearance and personal conduct during the presentation.
  3. Methods & Results
    Assess the appropriateness of the methodology, research design or research approach employed to address the hypothesis or inquiry. Assess appropriateness of statistical testing, statistical significance or qualitative analysis used and the accuracy of the research results as described. Due to limited presentation time, presenters should not be expected to provide a detailed account of procedures nor a detailed explanation of commonly used research methods.
  4. Coherence
    Assess the appropriateness of the conclusions drawn with respect to the initial goal of the research and the results obtained.
  5. Overall
    Assess the originality of research and its contribution to the particular field of study.

The scoring will consist of a number scale ranging 1-10 for each of the 5 scoring criteria. Presenters will be organized into one of three groups (resident, postdoc, or fellow). Judges will look at criteria met as well as performance in reference to peers. Therefore, prior to submitting a final ranked list, judges will have the opportunity to adjust their scoring based on how well a presenter performs in reference to peers presenting during the same session. First and second place monetary prizes will be awarded for poster and oral presentions will be awarded for each of the three groups.

Last modified: Feb 10, 2014