Abstract Submission Requirements

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS TBD. Abstracts can be submitted from any computer with Internet access on- or off-campus. All abstracts must be submitted online. Acceptable research types include basic science, clinical, case reports/series*, quality improvement, and educational research . 

The number of presentations the forum is able to accommodate is limited.  We will make every effort to accommodate as many submissions as possible; however, there is a chance that some presentations will not be accepted for presentation due to this limitation.  Some presenters may be given the opportunity to present in a different format (oral or poster) than requested.

All accepted abstracts, both oral and poster**, will be judged by a panel of volunteer faculty members.

Abstract Formatting Requirements:

  1. Microsoft Word document, single spaced, using 12pt Arial font (click here for template)
  2. First line of the document should be the presentation title, in BOLD
  3. Second line of the document should be your name and department, in ITALICS as follows: Presenting Author: Jane Doe, Department of Biostatistics
  4. Third line of the document should be your mentor's name, in ITALICS, as follows: Mentor: John Smith, PhD (if applicable)
  5. Fourth line of the document should list additional contributors, first name then last name, separated by commas, in ITALICS (if applicable)
  6. Next section of the document should be the abstract body organized as follows (250 word limit):
    • Purpose/Introduction: Include the rationale for the study, research question and objectives of the study.

    • Methods/Materials: Include a brief description of the research design, techniques, models of inquiry and sources of data.

    • Results: Summarize quantitative/qualitative data or outcomes, including any results which are statistically significant.

    • Conclusions: Include a brief interpretation of the results and implications for your field of study.

  7. Following the abstract body, list any conflict of interest statements, in ITALICS (if applicable)
  8. Lastly, acknowledge any grant support, in ITALICS (if applicable)

If you're feeling overwhelmed, not quite sure where to start, and/or just need a little writing assistance, consider reaching out to The Writing Center on campus. They will provide free, individualized, one-on-one feedback on your written work. 30- or 60-minute consultations are available.

* While single case reports will be accepted, they are not eligible for an award.
** Presenters MUST be at their poster during the scoring session to be eligible for an award.


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Last modified: Jun 15, 2018