Awards Winners

The Vice Chancellor of Research and the Offices of Academic Affairs, Postdoctoral Affairs, and Graduate Medical Education (GME) would like to recognize the following Resident, Postdoc, and Fellow Research Forum awards winners. Please extend your congratulations to them.


1st Place Oral Presentations
Resident: Casey Hertzenberg, General Surgery
Post Doc: Stephen Renaud, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Fellow: Jayasree Pillarisetti, Cardiology

2nd Place Oral Presentations
Resident: Richard Seagrave, Orthopaedic Surgery
Post Doc: Lydia Vermeer, Anatomy and Cell Biology
Fellow (TIE): Suresh Sharma, Cardiology
Fellow (TIE): Arun Sridhar, Cardiology

1st Place Poster Presentations
Resident: Jessica Hogan, General Surgery
Post Doc: Qiuhua Shen, School of Nursing
Fellow: Christopher Fox, Pathology

2nd Place Poster Presentations
Resident: Stuart Krein, Psychiatry
Post Doc: Lesya Holets, Molecular and Integrative Physiology
Fellow: Rachel Mason, Geriatric Medicine


1st Place Oral Presentations
Resident: Stephanie Cohen, General Surgery
Post Doc: Julia Yue Cui, Internal Medicine
Fellow: Bassem Chehab, Cardiology

2nd Place Oral Presentations
Resident: Jamie Boone, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Post Doc: Deep Kwatra, Molecular and Integrative Physiology

1st Place Poster Presentations
Resident (TIE): Bradley Dyer, Internal Medicine/Psychiatry
Resident (TIE): Reshmi Saranga, Psychiatry
Post Doc: Fnu Gaurav, Surgery
Fellow (TIE): Amanda Gudgell, Pulmonary and Critical Care
Fellow (TIE): Madhu Reddy, Cardiology

2nd Place Poster Presentations
Post Doc: Pratik Home, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Last modified: Feb 10, 2014