Recycling at University of Kansas Medical Center


Welcome to the University of Kansas Medical Center recycling website!

The recycling committee aims to raise awareness of the KUMC community about recycling and to give people the tools to be environmentally responsible.

Aluminum, tin, paper and plastic are collected in one bin. Bins are in various locations around campus.

IMPORTANT REMINDER...... People bringing recycling from home can take their recycling to the large green/yellow bins located around campus. Please see KUMC drop off areas for locations. This will ensure we do not have piles of recycling sitting around campus. Thanks for your cooperation and enjoy the convenience!! Please see the Deffenbaugh Recycling Brochure here for more information on what can be included in these bins.

Did you know you can recycle X-Rays?

Please contact the Environment, Health & Safety office at if you have x-rays you would like to recycle. They will work with you and the University's outside contractor to facilitate the proper recycling of your x-rays

Last modified: Apr 15, 2014
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recyclingIf you would like to report a full bin in one of the centrally located areas, contact