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Reducing Disability in Alzheimer's Disease (RDAD) - Kansas City


RDAD-KC: Empowering Caregivers in Our Community!


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Reducing Disability in Alzheimer's Disease (RDAD-KC) is a free, in-home support program that works with caregivers of individuals who have moderate to severe dementia or intellectual/developmental disabilities. This program works to improve the ability of the person with memory problems to carry out activities of daily living while also helping caregivers provide assistance to the person they care for. This is a free program designed to benefit the entire family!

Benefits for individuals with dementia or IDD:

  • decreased stress and anxiety

  • enhanced mood and communication

  • improved level of mobility

Benefits for caregivers:

  • expert dementia care training

  • individualized in-home support meetings

  • develop techniques to promote mobility and health

Information for Caregivers

If you are a caregiver for someone with dementia or IDD (especially Down's Syndrome or an older individual) you may benefit from participating in the RDAD-KC program.

  • When you join this program you will receive home visits from experts to go over problem solving, resource access, and care planning to help you and the person you care for to live healthier and more comfortable. Individualized support in your own home allows you to make sure the program addresses your needs as a caregiver.
  • Being active is one of the best things you can do to support health, mood, and confidence. When you start the RDAD-KC program you also receive instruction on increasing mobility safely.  RDAD-KC provides instruction on simple mobility activities you and the person you can do on your own time and in the comfort of your own living space. The lessons is low intensity and only requires that you and the person you care for not have medical restrictions, can stand up from a chair with no assistance and have a small, safe area to do the activity in. 

Right now, four agencies in the Kansas City area are partnering with the KU Alzheimer's Disease Center to deliver the RDAD-KC program. Still not sure if RDAD-KC is right for you? Contact Eric Vidoni 913-588-5312.

Information for Agencies 

If you are an agency or organization that provides services to caregivers of persons with dementia or IDD living in the community we want you to become an RDAD partner. You'll receive training on the RDAD-KC program and access to materials and expertise. Have questions or want to look over the program materials? Please complete the information below and you'll be directed to a page with further information on the RDAD-KC program as well as links and materials to review.

Once you register with us we will begin to work with you to identify ways you can integrate RDAD-KC into the services you provide. Only register if you represent an agency. 

The RDAD-KC was developed by Dr. Linda Teri at the University of Washington and is supported in part by a grant from the Administration on Aging / Administration for Community Living 90ALGG0009. 

Last modified: Sep 12, 2019