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AGENDA for Wednesday, August 24, 2005

3:00 p.m.
University Room

  1. Approval of the July 27, 2005, meeting minutes
  2. Announcement Regarding Changes in Research Administration at KUMC – Jim Voogt
  3. Announcement about change in RAC committee chair – Jim Voogt
  4. Introduction of New Members – Marge Bott
  5. Review Committee responsibilities – Marge Bott
  6. Clinical Trials Website Information – Laurie Kemble
  7. AAHRPP and BRAAN – John Finley/Karen Blackwell
  8. Committee Appointments for RAC Approval – John Finley
  9. Upcoming External Advisors Visit to KCALSI on August 31 – Paul Terranova
  10. Other