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Research Advisory Council (RAC)

Agenda for Wednesday, June 27, 2007

3:00 p .m.
University Room

  1. Approve March 28, 2007, and April 25, 2007, meeting minutes
  2. Task Force Report Related to KU-Lawrence Faculty Applying to KUMC RI, Inc. for Funding – Marge Bott and Ted Knous
  3. KUMC Alliance and KUMC Vision Update – Paul Terranova
  4. Accreditation Feedback and Next Steps – John Finley
  5. Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee – Potential New Members Margaret Petroff and Hung-Wen Yeh– John Finley
  6. Human Subjects Committee – Potential New Members Lisa Clough and Kevin Sykes– John Finley
  7. Other