Research Advisory Council


The Research Advisory Council (RAC) serves as a forum to discuss research policies and a channel that the faculty, department chairs, center and institute directors, and deans can use to convey issues and receive information about our discussions.

Some specific functions of the Research Advisory Council are:

  • Serve as the central spokespersons for KUMC in the Biomedical Sciences;
  • Assist those individuals who have been appointed to be the liaison and contact points for our life science partners, such KU-Lawrence, KCALSI, Stowers, and MRIGlobal;
  • In cooperation with the KU Lawrence, develop concepts and implementation plans for intra-campus research centers in the biomedical sciences, including external review of the plans;
  • Develop plans and proposals that will result in significant increases in funding from external sources in biomedical sciences;
  • Explore ways to promote research and assist in achieving the goals and implementation of KUMC Strategic Plan for Research;
  • Develop, review, and recommend research administration policies in the biomedical sciences;

Council Representatives

The RAC is comprised of a chairperson, along with the Associate Dean for Research at KUSM-Wichita, Senior Associate Dean for Research in the School of Medicine; Associate Dean for Research in the School of Nursing; Associate Dean for Research in the School of Allied Health; Chair of the Faculty Assembly Research Committee; a student from the Graduate School; and a senior clinical scientist and two basic scientists. The Vice Chancellor for Research, the Vice Chancellor for Administration, the Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Administration, and the Associate Vice Chancellor for Compliance will serve as ex-officio members of the RAC and provide staff support.

Meeting Protocol

The Council meets with the Executive Vice Chancellor at least once a month, however special meetings may be held as necessary. Minutes will be maintained and posted on this web site to help inform the entire campus.

Last modified: Aug 28, 2015