Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) FAQ's

Do my transgenic animals need to be reviewed by the IBC?

It depends. The guidance document from the Office of Science Policy (formerly the Office of Biotechnology Activities) regarding FAQ's for Research Subject to the NIH Guidelines is extremely helpful in this determination.  The document can be found here.

How long does it take to get a protocol approved by the IBC?

The two most important aspects to protocol submission are ensuring they are submitted by the 1st of each month in order for the document to be reviewed within that month and to ensure an IBC Registration Form has been satisfactorily completed.  The IBC Administrator can help in this process.

Why is my protocol going to the IBC if it's exempt from the NIH Guidelines?

Sometimes it is necessary for protocols to be reviewed by the IBC because it is the IBC's responsibility to ensure that the project is indeed exempt from the NIH Guidelines with regards to recombinant DNA. We will review your protocol if it involves etiological agents, select agent or toxins.  If you feel your protocol does not require IBC approval, please specify this and most importantly, the specific reason as to why.

I'm doing only bench-top research, how do I submit to the IBC?

Completing an IBC Registration Form and submitting this to the email address

Last modified: Apr 16, 2018