Procedures for Reporting Sexual Assaults


Any individual may report an incident that they perceive to be a sexual assault.  Reports should be made to the University's Title IX Coordinator at (913) 588-8011.  Reports should be made as promptly as possible in order to provide care and treatment to the victim if necessary and to secure evidence.  The Title IX Coordinator will assist the victim in identifying recovery services and in contacting law enforcement, if they choose.   The Title IX Coordinator will also discuss the University's administrative process for investigating allegations of sexual assault in violation of the KU Medical Center's Title IX Policy.  The grievance/investigation procedures are set forth in the KUMC Discrimination Complaints Resolution Process.  Victims of sexual assaults are also encouraged to report any assault to proper law enforcement authorities. University police should be notified immediately of an incident in order to render immediate assistance to the victim and to protect evidence associated with the assault. Victims of sexual assault should not wash or change clothes until after they have been examined by emergency medical staff. Normally, the attacker will leave evidence vitally important to prosecuting the case successfully.

Caring Assistance

KU police will render immediate, caring assistance to the victim and seek out the perpetrator of the crime.
Although the university strongly feels that all crimes should be reported to proper law enforcement authorities, the final decision to make a criminal offense report to the police lies with the victim. The victim's willingness to assist the authorities in their investigation will largely determine the eventual outcome of the case and possible prevention of future crimes.

Once a report of an on-campus sexual criminal incident has been received, the University Police Department shall conduct an investigation independent of any other investigation which the university shall deem necessary. Upon completion of such criminal investigation, university police shall submit its findings to the appropriate prosecutor's office for determination of the filing of criminal charges.

A report made to the KU Police Department will also enable the receiving officer to assist the victim in filing a complaint and to receive medical attention if she/he wishes to do so.

 Seeking immediate psychological and/or medical support can help to stabilize the victim's condition,  present the victim alternatives for continuing support, and  present options for redressing the assault through administrative and/or civil procedures.

Crimes not reported to the KU Police may be reported, on a confidential basis, to the Director of the Counseling Center who can offer the victim counseling and support services.  Crimes reported to the Counseling Center are included in the annual disclosure of crime statistics but the victim's identity is not disclosed.


  • University Policy Department:  913-588-5030
  • Title IX Coordinator:  913-588-8011
  • KUMC Counseling and Educational Support Services:  913-588-6580
  • Employee Assistance Program: 1-888-275-1205
  • Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault (MOCSA) MO: 816-531-0233/ KS: 913-642-0233

Last modified: Jun 29, 2016