Overview of Divisions

It is the policy of the University of Police Department to provide general law enforcement, criminal investigations, order maintenance and emergency response to those citizens that work and visit the University of Kansas.  To address this policy, the University of Kansas Police Department is comprised of four major organizational elements -- three focused on the law enforcement and investigations functions and a fourth to provide the vital administrative and logistical support to the continued operations of the Department.  All four Divisions collectively contribute significantly to the overall effectiveness of the Department's policing effort.

The most visible component of the Department is the Police Services Division, which is responsible for the day-to-day delivery of police services.  These are the uniformed men and women that patrol the City's neighborhoods, parking lots, buildings and provide the nucleus for the specialized cadres that augment the patrol force within the Department. The investigative and selective enforcement units are part of this division as well. The highly trained and experienced professionals that comprise these units focus on a wide range of criminal activities within the University of Kansas.  Their expertise in a variety of police science disciplines enables them to skillfully investigate crime, apprehend offenders.

The Special Services Division is responsible for technology support, communications, data systems, records, and equipment to support the overall law enforcement efforts of the Department. The training unit is also found here.

The Community Services Division is the crime prevention and community interaction Division.  This Division is comprised Campus Safety and Security Officers.  The Safety and Security Officers augment the police officers presence and provide essential citizen services around campus.

The Administration Division performs the administrative and logistical functions that are crucial to the continued effective operations of the Department.  A dedicated staff in this Division ensures that the Department has the appropriate resources, including budget, manpower and training. 

Last modified: Jun 24, 2013