Lighting can serve as an effective deterrent to burglars. Lighting is often the most prescribed, yet misunderstood, security recommendation.
In general, a residence will benefit from leaving the lights on during hours of darkness. Lighting assists the police with identification of street addresses and gives the entire neighborhood a more secure feeling. The sides and rear of the home are different. Motion-sensitive lighting is preferred for several reasons:

  1. It increases the potential for witnesses by suddenly illuminating the environment. The human eye is naturally attracted to light.
  2. It saves on light-bulb maintenance costs, because lights are activated only when motion is detected and they cycle off when no activity is detected.
  3. It may create a "fight or flight" response in the perpetrator.

In a report conducted by three major universities, motion activated-lighting was listed as a significant deterrent.

Last modified: Mar 19, 2013