Closed Circuit Television Policy

Closed Circuit Television - CCTV is an element of an overall comprehensive security program. Cameras are located in multiple locations of the University and Hospital, in both public accessible and non-public areas, as well as parking areas. The CCTV system is designed and intended to supplement the patrols of police and security officers. CCTV cameras provide some deterrent value as well as greater surveillance. Their use is intended to deter crime and assist the University Police in protecting the safety and property of the University community. Cameras serve to enhance the teamwork between the Communications Center Staff and the Officers in the field. Information available from CCTV monitors may be relayed to Officers responding to an incident. CCTV's are also utilized to provide real time information during emergencies (i.e. fire, flood, etc.).

Selected cameras are routed to the Communications Center of the Police Department for the purpose of recording activity where police action is needed or to assist in criminal investigations. Video is maintained for varying periods of time.

Cameras may or may not be monitored on a continuous basis. On-duty staff are responsible for confirming the proper operation of each camera site monitored. Malfunctions or system problems will be immediately reported to the Communications Supervisor and the Division Commander. Any necessary repairs will be initiated in a timely manner.

In several locations, cameras are used to assist with (typically card controlled) access into sensitive areas.

Several decentralized systems are also found on the campus. These cameras are monitored, recorded, controlled, and maintained by individual departments.

The police department does not utilize or recommend the use of "dummy" cameras.

Last modified: Mar 19, 2013