Annual Security Report

Additional Information:

  • KU Medical Center does not have on-campus student residential facilities.
  • KU Medical Center does not have officially recognized student organizations (fraternities and sororities) with off-campus housing. Off-campus university property is used for administrative or support functions and is not frequently used by students.
  • Violence Against Women Act reauthorization added the counting of domestic violence, dating violence and stalking beginning 2013.
  • No crimes reported to the University Police showed evidence of hate-bias motivations.
  • Local Police data was not available for 2012.
  • Statistics for "Driving Under the Influence" are not included in this report.
  • Data reflected here may differ slightly from other statistics we report as there are different criteria and reporting catagories.

For information on all crimes reported to the University of Kansas Police Department

Last modified: Oct 01, 2014