Tips to Avoid Parking Violations

Be informed: Read the Parking Services policies and procedures and check our interactive maps. The information and map will answer your questions and help you avoid getting parking citations.

Check your color zones: Before entering a parking lot or parking garage, please read the sign at the entrance if you are unsure of the color zone or whether you are in a legal parking area. All surface lots are identified by color zones. Yellow permits may park in Yellow zones only. Red permits may park in Red and Yellow zones. Blue permits may park in Blue, Red, and Yellow parking zones. View map

Get a permit: All employees and students parking in surface lots must display a valid permit. The permit must be properly affixed to the rear windshield driver's side of the vehicle. How to get a permit

Know where you can park and when: Surface lot permits are not valid in the parking garages or any parking meter during regular business hours. If you choose to park in the parking facilities after hours, you must pay the applicable parking fee. All color zone surface lots are available to current permitted parkers after 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Surface lots are also available on weekends and all holidays observed by KUMC.

Reserved and restricted areas:

  • Employees and students (without garage cards) are prohibited from parking in any patient or visitor reserved area (parking garages or restricted lots). The exception to this is employees with valid disabled placards, license plates, and a bona-fide doctor's appointments. The vehicle must be moved to the appropriate color zone parking lot after the outpatient appointment.
  • Students and employees may not park in restricted areas at any time. Restricted areas include all loading zones, pediatric metered lot, receiving docks, special marked or signed areas. Emergency room parking is prohibited unless you are a patient or transporting a patient to the emergency room.
  • Disabled parking spaces are reserved for vehicles displaying valid disabled tags or placards 24 hours a day. Parking is free in the parking garages and color zones parking lots with valid disabled tags or placards.

Get courtesy parking: If you have to drive a different non-permit vehicle due to repairs etc., you must notify the Parking Service Office. See Regulation 2.13 of the University Parking Policies and Procedures brochure. Courtesy Parking Form

Parking validation stamps: KUMC agencies, university, Hospital Authority, KUPI, Research employees and students are prohibited from using validation stamps to obtain reduced parking fees in the parking garages. The exception would be if you had a personal clinical appointment, in which case you should be prepared to prove your parking and patient status if a citation is issued. The fine for illegal parking in the parking garage is up to $110.

Pay your tickets: If you receive parking citations do not let them accumulate. Five or more violations automatically classify you as an "Excessive Violator." This action will result in the towing or immobilization of your vehicle. It also initiates the revocation of your parking privileges. How to pay a ticket

Most problems or questions relating to parking concerns can often be answered by reviewing the parking policies and procedures. If you prefer to speak with a Parking Services representative, call 913-588-5175 or visit the office at 2100 W. 36th Ave., Kansas City, Kan. The office is located adjacent to the Post Office. The office hours are 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday; closed on weekends and holidays.

Last modified: Oct 11, 2013