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Why isn't parking free?

The Department of Parking Services is self-supporting.  All revenue generated from the sale of permits and garage parking fees supports the parking and transportation needs of KUMC.  

What is the price for permit or garage parking?

The costs for parking vary. Rates are based on the proximity to the main complex, higher rates for closer spaces, less for more distant ones. Learn more about parking fees in Policies and Procedures.

Can employees park in the parking garages?

Only authorized employees or students are allowed to park in the garages.  If authorized, then the employee or student's id badge will active the reader which will cause the gate to open. Unauthorized parkers are subject to a $150 per occurrence fine.

What if I am a patient or visitor in the hospital, and will be parking in one of the visitor garages?

If you are a registered parker utilizing the services of the hospital and will be parking in one of the visitor garages, then:

  • Access your parking account at;
  • Select the “Special Permits” button located on the left side of your account page;
  • Select the garage and four (4) hour time frame for when your vehicle will be in the facility.
  • If you need a longer accommodation, then please email with your request. The parking services staff will update your account accordingly and email confirmation to you.

Does my permit allow me to park in any color zone lot?

The yellow permit allows parking in the Yellow lots only. The red permit allows parking in the Red and Yellow lots. The blue permit allows parking in Blue, Red and Yellow lots.  

Can I park anywhere after a certain time of day?

With a permit, all surface lots are open in all the color zone lots Monday-Friday from 5 p.m. to 7a.m.  

Can I park anywhere the weekend?

With a permit, all surface lots are open in all the color zone lots all day on weekends. Additionally, permitted parkers may utilize the Olathe II Garage; leaving the premises by Monday at 7am.

What if I need to drive an alternate vehicle to work and it's not registered?

With a valid registration, you may have up to three vehicles registered.  If you drive an alternate vehicle, it is the registrant's responsibility to update their account to reflect the vehicle.

How do I pay a parking violation and how long do I have to pay it?

A violation must be paid within 10 days from the date on which the violation was issued. Learn more about paying tickets.  

How do I appeal a parking ticket?

A violation must be appealed to Parking Services within 10 days from the date on which the violation was issued. You may appeal a ticket here.

What is your parking policy regarding employees, student or staff with disabled tags/plates?

All bona-fide disabled tags or plates, regardless of state, are granted preferred parking in the university parking facilities.  

Does the university provide a shuttle service?

Yes, there are shuttle bus services from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.  Learn more about shuttle service.  

Shuttle service after 11pm?

The Department for Public Safety (police and security) provides an escort service from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. by calling Police Dispatch at 913-588-5030.  

What if I have a flat tire or dead battery?

Our security team is equipped with tire inflation tanks and battery jump starts.  Please call Police Dispatch at 913-588-5030 for assistance.  

How can I get a copy of the University's Parking Policies and Procedures?

A copy of the University Parking Policies and Procedures can be viewed here on our website.  

What is Parking Services operational hours and location?

Hours are 7 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Our number is 913-588-5175. The office is located in the Support Services Facility at 2100 W. 36th Ave., Kansas City, KS 66160-7130.    

Last modified: Jan 09, 2017
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