Whom to contact for help

As an online student, sometimes it is difficult to know whom to contact when issues or problems arise.

When a problem arises, ask yourself if this is a technical problem or a course management issue. Jayhawk Tech Clinic (IT Help Desk) can help you with all technical problems, but may not be able to assist you with a course management issue. Your instructor will be contacted with these types of issues, so you may want to first contact your instructor.

KUMC has a computer help desk, called Jayhawk Tech Clinic. Students may call them at 913-588-7995 for assistance with computer or software problems. Also, you can submit a support ticket.

Use the following as a guide when trying to decide whom to contact for help.

If you have a problem with..


Accessing quiz

Your instructor

Cannot find your course, or an item in your course

Your instructor

How to submit an assignment

Your instructor

Your computer crashing

Jayhawk Tech Clinic (IT Help Desk)

Cannot log into a system

Jayhawk Tech Clinic (IT Help Desk) 

Your computer is not playing a video

Jayhawk Tech Clinic (IT Help Desk) 


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Last modified: Sep 14, 2017