Using Windows vs Mac

Most KUMC faculty will be using a Microsoft Windows machine, but there has been an increase of Mac use among students. Sometimes, issues come up between using a Mac versus Windows computers in online courses.

If you are a student who will be primarily using an Apple computer, here are some common issues to watch for when working on your Mac to make your online course experiences smoother.

Submitting Assignments

  • Most of your instructors will ask you to submit a Microsoft Word or PowerPoint file for your assignments.
  • If you are using Microsoft Word/PowerPoint for the Mac, be sure the file you submit has an extension.
    • .doc / .docx / .ppt / .pptx
    • Use only letters, numbers, dashes, or hyphens for the file name. (e.g. File1-Name2.doc)
  • If you are using a program other than Microsoft Office, be sure to export to the file type your instructor wants. Keynote will export as a PowerPoint file, and Pages will export as a Word file. Remember to add an extension, also!
    • .doc / .docx / .ppt / .pptx
    • When naming your files, use only letters, numbers, dashes, or hyphens for the file name.

Watching Videos

  • Many videos (streaming video or video lectures) are being converted from a Windows Media format (.wmv) to an .mp4 format.  Should you encounter a video that is not accessible by your system, please contact your instructor. 
  • If you encounter other problems with viewing videos, some have had success with the VLC Media Player.

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Last modified: Mar 19, 2015