Preparing for your online class

Taking an online class means you will use online technology. You will use your computer and need internet access. However, there may be other things to think about before starting your online course. This page explains how you can prepare for your online class.

Find a Physical Space for You to Work

Create an area where you can do your schoolwork. If you like to work in a quiet place with no distractions, take this into account. If you have a desk, clean it up, designate it as your "school space," and make it comfortable. Stock it with items you will need: paper, pens, printer, stapler, etc.

If you have a library near you, visit it to see if it would be a good place to work. You can also find out if they have wifi or computers with internet access you can use.

Know the Online Landscape

Just like walking around campus to get an understanding where things are on campus, go to and learn what is available online. When you get your assigned username and password, log into myKUMC ( and get an idea of what is in the campus portal. You will find a wealth of information that will help you as an online student.

Find the Bookstore and Library

Most likely, you will be buying books and researching in your courses. Look at the bookstore and library website so you get acquainted with what is available to you online.

Learn Your Course's Layout

As soon as you get access to your course, click around to learn where everything is located. KUMC instructors set up their courses differently, so it's a good idea to click around to know where to find all the information available to you.


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Last modified: Sep 27, 2012