Managing your time

Schedule Weekly Study Times

  The amount of time you spend per week online for class and preparing for class varies by the student and by the course.

  • A common guideline is that 1 credit hour of coursework is often equal to approximately 3 clock hours per week of preparation time.
    • A 3-credit hour course then would take approximately 9 hours a week outside the classroom. Remember to add the minimum of 3 hours per week you would normally have spent in class for a total minimum time invested of 12 hours per week. 
  • Successful students often schedule a regular study time each week.
  • Schedule your most demanding study times during your optimal alert time of the day (i.e., if you are a morning person then spend that time studying your most challenging subjects.)
  • Make sure you schedule recreation for yourself and don't feel guilty about it. It will only help you perform better when you get back to the books.

Plan Ahead

  • Schedule a time to make-up the missed work on the weekend. 
  • Make sure to plan for exams. Make sure you know and optimize your exam timeframe.
  • Balance your studying such that no subject is left behind. 
  • Avoid cramming for tests by studying a small amount each day.  Even just 15 minutes every night before going to sleep will help you retain material.
  • If you instructor requires you to use new technology, such as Adobe Connect, test it out before the scheduled time to ensure your equipment is working. 
  • Break down large tasks into small ones.

Log into the Course a Minimum of Three Times Per Week

  • It's a good habit to consistently check course materials and communications. 
  • The more you interact with your classmates, the more you will begin to feel a part of a community.
  • There are many ways to connect with online classmates.  You can send an email to ask a question, create a study group or use social media to collaborate.

Communicate with Instructor

  • You can e-mail your instructor or often instructors have a discussion board dedicated to student questions and ideas. 
  • If you send an e-mail make sure to put your course number in the subject line.  Instructors often teach multiple courses so this helps them sort through the plethora of emails they receive during the day.  
  • Before you ask a question be sure you know what you are asking and why. Be clear and concise in your communication.

Time Management Guides

Use these worksheets to measure your ability to manage and plan your time effectively.

Special thanks to Alice Carrot and the entire Student Counseling & Educational Support Services staff for the time management information and worksheets.

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Last modified: Nov 03, 2016