Managing Your Own Learning

In most respects, your expectations of eLearning should be similar to those of a traditional classroom. You should expect quality education delivered by qualified, concerned instructors. You should also expect to assume responsibility for your own learning.

Student Accountability


Similar to higher education, eLearning demands you become an active participant in your learning.

Self Discipline

There is one very important aspect to self discipline in an online environment and that is forming good habits. Face-to-face courses have a designated meeting time. If your online course has no synchronous activities, it may be easier for you to procrastinate course work. So a good goal for yourself might be to log in to your courses five times a week to check for new discussion postings. By signing on a minimum number of times per week in the beginning of the semester, you will develop a habit of keeping up in your course.

Also, consider setting a goal to start assignments the day after they are posted. Whether you draft an outline or contact members of your group to begin work on a project, keeping up in your course will be easier if you revisit an assignment soon after it is posted.

Ask for What You Need

In an online environment, your instructor does not have the luxury of seeing the look of puzzlement on your face when you don't understand a concept. Due to this, it is of the utmost importance that you communicate with your instructor when you do not understand material in your course. Likewise, if you fall behind on your course work or need help with accessing, viewing, downloading, or working with course content please e-mail or call your instructor.

Some instructors include a discussion forum or FAQ section where you can post questions, and you can also read other students' questions and answers.


Study Habits and Skills

Your Personal Learning Style

There are many types of learning styles; auditory, visual, and kinesthetic, to name a few. Identifying your preferred style may help you assess which learning environment is best for you. Students who benefit most from an eLearning experience are independent learners who are highly motivated and posses strong time management skills. You may visit our Counseling & Educational Support Services offices for a learning style screening. In addition, there are a variety of assessment tools available on the Web:

Study Skill Strategies

Reading Strategies

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The next section of this orientation will go deeper into the different technologies you will use as an online student at KUMC.


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Last modified: Jul 30, 2013