Outlook (Email)

KUMC uses Microsoft Outlook as its email client. It is highly important that you check your KUMC email at least once a day, as this is the first line of communication that is used by the University and most instructors.

If you are taking a course that uses Blackboard (KUMC's course management system) then all course email will be forwarded to your KUMC Outlook email. Since this is the case, it is important when you are taking an online course that you check your email every day for any course information or announcements.

How to Access Email

Your KUMC email can be accessed a number of ways:

1. Via the Outlook Web App at http://mail.kumc.edu

2. Via the "Outlook" link, under "QuickFind" at the top of each KUMC webpage:

Screenshot of email link under QuickFind in KUMC menu

3. Via the "Email" link in myKUMC:

Screenshot of email link in myKUMC

For more information on how to use Outlook, including instructions on how to add your KUMC email to your mobile device, please visit http://www.kumc.edu/information-resources/master-list-of-services/email/exchange.html.

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Last modified: Mar 20, 2015