Panopto Lecture Recording and Video Streaming

Many instructors like to create lecture podcasts to deliver content to their online students. Instructors present their lecture, recording their screen and voice, upload the recording to our streaming server, and then share the recording with students via a link posted in Blackboard or shared via email. Students can then access the link to view the recording.

Streaming Video

Lecture Capture and Video Streaming

Video is easily one of the most effective ways to share information, and here at KUMC we have fully embraced this medium for our medical school curriculums.
In our pursuit of making video a core feature of the learning process, KUMC has adopted a software called Panopto that is used to capture and watch various videos for viewing in and outside of the classroom.  These can be anything like a recorded lecture or video conference, a pre-recorded video that will be discussed in class, or an instructional video.  Panopto not only allows you to record and watch videos, but it also offers a powerful content management system to organize your videos, make personal notes and bookmarks within a video, and search for keywords across any video you have access to.  Keep in mind that you may not have access to record content as a student, but viewing videos may take up a significant amount of your study time.

Please contact the Jayhawk Tech Clinic at (913) 588-7995 if you are unable to access a video.


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Last modified: Aug 10, 2017