Lecture Podcasts (Video Streaming)

Many instructors like to create lecture podcasts to deliver content to their online students. Instructors present their lecture, recording their screen and voice, upload the recording to our streaming server, and then share the recording with students via a link posted in Blackboard or shared via email. Students can then access the link to view the recording.

Streaming Video

Streaming video plays the video as it is downloading in the background. It allows you to play your videos without having to download a large video file first. An example of streaming video is a YouTube video.

Most of the streaming videos at KUMC are MP4 files. To play these files, as well as MOV files, download and install Quicktime on your Windows or Apple machine. To test this out, click on the following links.

Test MP4/MOV Movie file

Some of the streaming videos are in a Windows Media format (.wmv) which means it will run in Windows Media Player. If you have a Mac, you can play these videos using VLC Media Player. Make sure your computer can play Windows media videos by clicking on the following link:

Test WMV Movie file

You will also come across a Flash Video File (.swf or .flv) in which case you need the flash video player to play. You most likely already have Flash installed on your computer. Click on the next link to test your flash video. (This will not work on an iOS device)

Test Flash Movie file

Please contact the Jayhawk Tech Clinic at (913) 588-7995 if you are unable to access a video.


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Last modified: Mar 20, 2015