What Technologies are Used?

eLearning courses utilize many types of technologies. At KUMC, instructors are able to use any of the following in their courses:

  1. KUMC Email
  2. Learning Management System
  3. Web Conferencing System
  4. Lecture Capture
  5. Online Course Evaluations

Depending on the instructor, the school, or the department, you may or may not use all of these. Most likely, you will use at least two of these (email and learning management) if you are taking an online or hybrid course at KUMC.

Descriptions of each Technology

You know what email is all about. According to the free dictionary, it is "a system for sending and receiving messages electronically over a computer network, as between personal computers."

learning management system (LMS) is the most commonly used technology in eLearning courses. This type of technology is asynchronous, meaning you can log in at any time to have the content delivered to you. At KUMC, we use Blackboard Learning Management Suite as our primary system to deliver online courses. This is the system where you will go to find the syllabus, view course announcements, turn in assignments, read content, discuss topics, and interact with your classmates and instructor.

web conferencing system is considered a synchronous technology, meaning you will be asked to log into it at a specific time to hear your instructor speak, give a lecture, text or voice chat with everyone in your class, or even share your webcam for video conferencing. At KUMC, we use Adobe Connect.

Many instructors use lecture capture to provide content to their students. At KUMC, instructors use Camtasia Relay to record lectures for later viewing.

Finally, when taking an online course, you will be asked to submit a course evaluation. Depending on the school or department, you will get a link to take a survey in your email or though a link in your ANGEL course. At KUMC, we use a product called EMF Feedback from Vovici to distribute and anonymously collect this data. If you are participating in a hybrid course, you also may be filling out paper course evaluations.


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Last modified: Jul 30, 2013