What is eLearning?


To define or describe eLearning, it is best to first define learning. Learning is the act of developing skills or obtaining knowledge. So eLearning simply means that you develop skills and obtain knowledge electronically, hence the "e" in eLearning!

You may have heard phrases such as distance learning, distance education, online learning, or a variety of other terms used to describe methods of learning outside the traditional classroom. In this orientation, we will use eLearning to mean distance learning delivered through electronic means.

Hybrid versus Online Courses

The majority of KUMC courses are hybrid courses, meaning, they are classes that may meet face-to-face but utilize the distance education technologies to deliver content or assist in the teaching and learning process. We also have courses that are fully online, where you do not meet in a classroom, but you will use distance education technologies to complete coursework, communicate with your instructor or classmates and turn in assignments.


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Last modified: Sep 27, 2012