Is eLearning right for you?

Every semester more courses are added to utilize eLearning technologies or are converted to fully online courses at KUMC. Most likely, if you are a KUMC student, you will use one or more of these eLearning technologies. Sometimes you will have a choice between a fully online or traditional class. So, how do you determine which course is right for you?

Misperceptions of Online Courses

First, let's understand some common misperceptions about online courses.

  • An online course will be easier and take less time.
  • An online course will be self-paced; I can do it as quickly or slowly as I like.
  • I won't have to interact with classmates in an online course.
  • Online courses run themselves; the instructor doesn't have much to do or say.

If you are considering taking an online course under any of the assumptions above, you will be surprised when your class begins. Online classes often will not be easier and may require more time for you to understand new technologies, or will need support when something goes wrong. Most KUMC online courses have set due dates and times for each assignment. You will be expected to complete tasks each week or module. You will most likely be required to interact with your classmates in a discussion forum, through email, or in a web conference session. Instructors of online courses engage with their students. Online courses do not run themselves.

Qualities of a Successful Online Student

Now read the following statements and indicate the ones with which you agree:

  • I am disciplined and self-motivated.
  • I am comfortable navigating the Internet and using e-mail.
  • I am comfortable learning technologies I've never used before.
  • I do not have the time to commute to classes and find parking on-campus.
  • I am able to learn and retain information from reading as well as I can from listening to students talk in class.
  • I would like my learning experience to focus on me rather than my instructor's lectures.
  • I am interested in some of the potential advantages of distance learning.

If you agree with three or more of the statements above, eLearning might be a great option for you. Next, you will learn what types of technologies online courses use.


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Last modified: Sep 27, 2012