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Education Abroad Mission
The Office of International Programs is committed to fostering and assisting with the international educational experiences of KUMC students, faculty and staff. The goal of the Office of International Programs is to support and ensure the safety and success of all international travel experiences.

International Travel/Education Abroad Policy Statement
Because of the complexities of international travel and the need to be aware of Department of State and CDC Travel Warnings and other pertinent safety information, it is required that all student international educational experiences be registered with and approved by the Office of International Programs. Owing to the desire to give logistical and safety support for all members of the KUMC community, it is also mandated that any faculty, resident or staff member participating in an international professional experience as a representative of KUMC, register with the Office of International Programs in advance of travel.

Services Provided

        Faculty and Staff              Residents                             Students
  • VISA Assistance
  • Travel Registration
  • Advising
  • VISA Assistance
  • Travel Registration
  • International Educational Experience
  • Advising
  • VISA Assistance
  • Travel Registration

Contact the Division of Outbound Programs

Angela Peterson - Associate Dirctor of Outbound Programs
(913) 588-1482 Office
Alexa Smith - Events and Outreach Facilitator
(913) 588-2747 Office
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