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Highest standards of care and treatment

The Office of Animal Welfare is one of key components of the Office of Compliance and serves a central role in supporting KUMC's animal facilitated research program. Our goals are:

  • Provide regulatory and ethical guidance for the KUMC research community
  • Provide administrative support to the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
  • Provide protocol development and pre-review services to our research community
  • Oversee compliance monitoring of the animal care and use program
  • Provide training and resources for the KUMC research community

The University of Kansas Medical Center strongly affirms the essential role that research and education involving live animals has in the advancement of biological and medical knowledge and education. In furthering this mission, the KUMC Animal Care and Use Program maintains that animals used in biomedical research and education receive the most humane, respectful and ethical treatment possible.

KUMC is fully accredited by the Association for the Assessment of Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care, International (AAALAC), which requires the adherence to the highest standards of animal care and use by accredited institutions. The accreditation, which is entirely voluntary, has been continuous since 1996.

In addition to the AAALAC accreditation, KUMC is registered as a research facility with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act and all amendments. Registration requires all animal facilities are inspected by the USDA to ensure that all activities involving research animals are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. KUMC also holds a Category I Assurance with the Public Health Service (through the NIH's Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare). These three relationships confirm the integrity of the program structure, function and foundation.

Please Note

The University of Kansas Medical Center launched an intranet on June 20, 2016 to provide easier access to information and tools used by our faculty and staff. Valid KU Medical Center network credentials are required to access the intranet.

The forms and procedures for the Office of Animal Welfare have been relocated to the intranet. If you are affiliated with another institution and are interested in collaborating or learning more about our procedures, please contact Scott Bury, Ph.D., Director Office of Animal Welfare.

Access the Office of Animal Welfare content in the myKUMC Intranet.

Last modified: Nov 30, 2016