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Highest standards of care and treatment

Without the use of animals in research, the majority of medical advances would not have occurred, including vaccines for polio, rabies, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and epilepsy. Advances also have been made in surgical therapies and in the development of therapeutic drugs. Research leading to almost every Nobel Prize in Medicine awarded since 1901 has been dependent on data from animal models. Learn more >>

Results obtained from experiments using animals provide information critical to designing human trials that must be conducted before legal approval can be granted for new devices, drugs or procedures. Even the most sophisticated technology cannot mimic the complicated interactions among cells, tissues and organs in humans and animals.

The University of Kansas Medical Center follows the highest standards of care and treatment for research animals. These animals help us unlock the mysteries of disease deserve respect and the best possible care.

KUMC is fully accredited by the Association for the Assessment of Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care, International (AAALAC), which requires the adherence to the highest standards of animal care and use by accredited institutions.

Last modified: Dec 11, 2012
News & Updates

Submission Deadlines 2014

10/10/2013 - We have updated the IACUC submission deadlines and meeting dates for 2014

New Policies and FAQ

7/17/2013 - We have added several new IACUC policies and SOP's.  We has also included a Frequently Asked Question section for the new forms.  We will be releasing a new version of the forms in August, so please contact us if you have a suggestions for improvment.


2/25/2013 - The KUMC Animal Care and Use Program will be hosting a Townhall Meeting on March 5th, from 11-12:30 in Clendinning Auditorium.  All animal users are encouraged to attend.

New Policies

2/14/2013 - We have posted several new policies, regarding both Animal Care and IACUC Adminsitration.  Comments and suggestions welcome.

Meeting, Deadlines and Draft Updates

11/1/2012 - We have updated the meeting dates and deadline for 2013. We have also added several new draft IACUC policies and one SOP for review

Policy Update

10/12/2012 - We have added some policies for review (here) and updated our current IACUC Policy list (here)