Nia Thompson

Nia Thompson

What do you like about being a student at KUMC?

KUMC is very concerned about the needs of students. Student Health, Educational Support, the Office of Cultural Enhancement and and Diversity, and the Office of Student Engagement have all been helpful resources for myself. If I have a problem, or need assistance on campus, I have comfort in knowing that someone is there for me and really cares.


N ThompsonDo you have any tips for a smooth transition from a traditional undergraduate campus to a professional/graduate campus?

As it implies in the name, act professional. Be timely, appropriately use phones and computers in class, and remember class sizes are much smaller and instructors will know you personally. Professional school unlike undergrad, is preparing you for the career path you are pursuing. A lot of the information that you learn, you will actually use on a daily basis! Understand that not everyone has a chance to attend professional/graduate school and you should represent the University in a positive light.


How would you suggest incoming students find balance at KUMC?

When you first come to campus don't join every group — attend many activities and sessions and determine what you like. Joining too many groups too early can lead to over-committing yourself. After you have adjusted, then invest you time in extracurricular actives that you enjoy.


N Thompson

Where is your favorite study location on campus?

The 4th floor of Orr-Major or in the Heart Hospital.


What is your favorite place to eat on/near campus?

All of the restaurants on 39th Street are great! I have to admit my favorites are Room 39 or Blue Koi.

Last modified: Feb 06, 2012
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Nia Thompson

Degree Program:
Medicine (MD)

Overland Park, KS