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Three KU Medical Center students earn Graduate Research Summit honors
Feb 04, 2016 -- Three University of Kansas Medical Center students received honors at the 2016 Graduate Research Summit at the Capitol on Feb. 2 in Topeka.
World War l and its impact on the nursing profession
Feb 03, 2016 -- A symposium is presented by the University of Kansas School of Nursing, in partnership with the National World War l Museum in Kansas City, examines How World War l changed the nursing profession
KU startup earns $300K contract to develop cancer-fighting drug technology
Jan 25, 2016 -- A University of Kansas startup company has received a federal contract to continue its work on new drug delivery methods for developing more effective cancer treatments
KU pilot study suggest specialized nutrition regimen helpful for bladder cancer surgery patients
Jan 12, 2016 -- A pilot study at the University of Kansas Medical Center suggests a specialized nutrition regimen can improve immune response and lower infection rates in bladder cancer patients who undergo surgery
Midwest Cancer Alliance teams up with the Kansas Masons to conduct a record number of cancer screenings in 2015
Jan 04, 2016 -- Working with the Kansas Masonic Foundation, University of Kansas Medical Center doctors screened nearly 2,000 people across Kansas for skin and prostate cancer in 2015

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Last modified: Jul 18, 2014