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KU Medical Center research shows poison-tipped arrows could hold the key to a promising new form of male birth control
Jun 19, 2018 -- For years, women have taken on much of the responsibility when it comes to avoiding unintended pregnancies, but that may all be changing thanks to a new form of male contraception being formulated at the University of Kansas Medical Center.
Pet dogs with cancerous tumors are playing a key role in testing two new injectable chemotherapy drugs
Jun 08, 2018 -- You might not know it by looking at her, but Remy is one lucky dog, and she has a new cancer drug under development in cooperation with The University of Kansas Cancer Center to thank for helping to keep her alive.
The University of Kansas Cancer Center is joining forces with the nation’s top cancer centers to advocate for increasing HPV vaccination rates
Jun 07, 2018 -- The University of Kansas Cancer Center is joining forces with a host of the nation’s top cancer centers to focus the spotlight on eliminating human papillomavirus (HPV)-related cancers in the United States.
Researchers study career challenges facing women physicians who first entered medical school after Title IX
Jun 04, 2018 -- Kim Templeton, M.D., has spent much of her career outside the operating room addressing the issues of woman physicians as well as sex and gender differences in health and disease.
A KU Medical Center researcher has created a nutrition literacy tool designed to assess the health knowledge
May 31, 2018 -- After finding there was no good method to assess nutrition literacy, Heather Gibbs, Ph.D., an assistant professor in the KU Department of Dietetics and Nutrition, developed an original tool to test a person’s ability to obtain, process and understand dietary information, all of which are keys to making healthy food choices.
A University of Kansas Medical Center neurology fellow overcomes a 20-year struggle to escape oppression in Cuba
May 31, 2018 -- Ernesto Alonso-Labori, M.D., dreams of a day when he can show his two small children the island nation where he was born and the city of Guantanamo where he grew up. A fellow in the University of Kansas Medical Center Department of Neurology, Alonso-Labori knows it will be some time before a return to his homeland would be safe.
Heather Gibbs receives 2018 Stata Norton Distinguished Teaching Award
May 17, 2018 -- Heather Gibbs, Ph.D., RD, has been named the winner of the 2018 Stata Norton Distinguished Teaching Award. Gibbs, an assistant professor in the Department of Dietetics and Nutrition, was honored during the School of Health Professions’ Student Recognition Ceremony May 12 at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kansas.
KU School of Nursing graduate draws on family heritage to emerge as a leader
May 11, 2018 -- When Jeffrey John Javier walks across the stage at Memorial Stadium in Lawrence during the University of Kansas Commencement on May 13, he will be the first person in his family to receive a degree in the United States.
Salina KU School of Medicine student turns personal tragedy into source of inspiration to become a doctor
May 11, 2018 -- Erik Bowell is living proof that from a person’s darkest moments can come the inspiration needed to change one’s own life. At 47, Bowell is by most standards an unlikely med student and literally the gray beard of this year’s class of eight freshly minted doctors who will be graduating from the University of Kansas School of Medicine–Salina.
Occupational therapy student’s family overcomes tremendous obstacles to reach their American dream
May 11, 2018 -- Shannon Pettersson made a promise to her children that once she earned her master’s degree in occupational therapy and landed a job they would get a house and a dog. It’s a promise 8-year-old Danny and 7-year-old Kylee have held out in front of their mother like a carrot hanging on a string from a stick as a way to coax her along during the arduous days of graduate school these last three years at the University of Kansas Medical Center.
School of Medicine graduate overcomes hearing loss to land a residency at top children’s hospital in the country
May 11, 2018 -- When Bonnie McKee Crume heads to Massachusetts after graduation to start her residency at U.S. News & World Report’s No.1-ranked children’s hospital, she does so with a heart filled with confidence and the satisfaction of having proven her doubters wrong.
Renowned epidemiologist Mary Guinan shares stories from 40 years on the front lines of public health
May 07, 2018 -- Mary Guinan, M.D., Ph.D., has devoted her career to fighting diseases around the world, including as an epidemiologist working in India to eradicate smallpox in the 1970s and as one of the very first physicians to investigate the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s.

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