Recent School of Medicine News

KU Medical Center team finishes near the top in the Prostate Cancer Dream Challenge
Sep 30, 2015 -- A team of faculty and students from the University of Kansas Medical Center Department of Biostatistics was among the top finishers in the Prostate Cancer Dream Challenge.
Study finds that the crocetinic acid in saffron may inhibit the pancreatic cancer cell growth
Sep 16, 2015 -- In a study just published in the journal Oncotarget, a team of researchers led by Animesh Dhar, Ph.D., an associate professor of cancer biology at KU Medical Center, found that crocetinic acid, a purified compound from crocetin, showed the inhibition of growth in human pancreatic cancer cells grown either in a dish or as tumors under the skin of mice.
ITV health program in Goodland is having a big impact across Kansas
Aug 05, 2015 -- An initiative launched by Goodland Regional Medical Center soon after the hospital became a member of the Midwest Cancer Alliance (MCA) is now playing a role in improving the health and well-being of people all over Kansas.
Last modified: Jul 18, 2014