Facility Guidelines

1. Initial consultation: Prior to sample submission, invetigators should contact the facilty to ensure that experimental procedures will be followed.

2. Sample preparation. A sample requisition form must be filled for each sample submitted. If a gel band, please include a gel image and indicate band(s) of interest. If a soluble protein, please indicate the expected concentration

3. Analysis. Only trained personnel can operate the instruments at the facility. This includes mass spectrometers and any other accessory equipment (keratin-kree hoods, automatic digestors, centrifuges,...)

4. Results. Results will be provided via e-mail. If requested, pritend copies will be prepared. If needed we will also prepare figures for publication.

Guidelines for co-authorship of scientific papers

It is the responsibility of the senior author to properly acknowledge the contribution of the members of the lab in publications.

For co-authorship, the basic rule is that co-authors should have made a significant scientific contribution to the work reported and they share responsibility and accountability for the results. The factors relevant to determining whether attributing co-authorship is appropriate include:

  1. Writing substantial sections of the paper.
  2. Analyzing or interpreting data.
  3. Providing the conception or design of the research effort.
  4. Conducting collection or processing of the data.

In general, and as a practical rule, if data generated at the MSPL is utilized in one of the more significant sections of a manuscript (for example, in the results or discussion sections), then co-authorship may be required. But, if mass spectrometric data is used, for example, only as confirmatory tool of the purification of the correct protein or mutant, then an acknowledgment might be more adequate.


We request that final versions of publications (posters or papers) to which the MSPL has contributed are provided for MSPL records.

We will keep electronic records of all samples analyzed at the facility for at least three years following submission of results. Upon request we will maintain them for a longer period of time. Some of these records will consists on digital copies of raw data files in DVD. Upon request of the user copies of these records will be make available to the user, a cost recovery fee will apply.

Last modified: Oct 01, 2015