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2016 Conference

2016 conference overview


The 4th annual conference was held on September 16-17, 2016. The purpose of the Midwest Stem Cell Therapy Center's annual conference is to update physicians, scientists, nurses and other healthcare professionals, trainees, and the general public in the greater Midwest region on:

  1. The past, present, and future of adult stem cell therapy
  2. New developments in adult stem cell research
  3. Diagnosis and treatment guidelines related to cell therapy for various medical conditions
  4. Management of patients using these new cell transplantation technologies
  5. The ethical use of regulated adult stem cells


  • Assess the latest advances in adult stem cell therapy and technologies
  • Discuss past, ongoing and emerging clinical trials using stem cell therapy in various medical conditions and their effects on patient outcomes.
  • Describe the basics of processes necessary for effective translation of adult cell therapy.
  • Recognize patients and diseases who can potentially benefit from cell therapy
  • Discuss the debate related to the ethical use of stem cells

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