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2013 Midwest Conference on Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine

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The KU Midwest Stem Cell Therapy Center and the University of Kansas Medical Center Continuing Education sponsored the inaugural session of the Midwest Conference on Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine, November 23, 2013 in Kansas City, Missouri.

Course Overview

This conference will update participants on:

  1. the past, present, and future of adult stem cell therapy;
  2. new diagnosis and treatment guidelines related to cell therapy for various medical conditions; and
  3. management of patients using these new cell transplantation technologies. A review of clinical trials that have contributed to the advancement of this field will be presented.

The participants will learn about advances in therapy with adult stem cells and will examine the latest trends in regenerative medicine and gain a greater understanding of adult stem cell biology and their potential for tissue and organ regeneration.

Target Audience

Physicians, scientists, APRNs, nurses, allied health professionals and trainees in the fields of cardiovascular diseases, pulmonology, hematology & oncology, endocrinology, neurology and critical care. 

Topics and Speakers

  • Dr. Robert Simari of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota presented: "A Four-Dimensional View of Cardiac Cell Therapy."
  • Dr. Arshed Quyyumi of Emory University in Atlanta Georgia presented: "Circulating Progenitor Cells and Cardiovascular Diseases."
  • Dr. Dawn then presented: "Bone Marrow Cells for Cardiac Repair."
  • Dr. Richard Burt of Northwestern University wrapped up the first session with his presentation "Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation for Multiple Sclerosis."
  • Dr. Jorg Gerlach. Dr. Gerlach, from the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh, presented: "Adult Autologous Skin Progenitor Cells for Wound Repair."
  • Dr. Michael Detamore of the University of Kansas presented: "Application of Biomaterials in Regenerative Medicine."
  • Dr. Dana Winegarner of the Rowe Neurology Institute provided an extensive summary of current clinical trials in Parkinson's Disease through his lecture.
  • Mark Weiss of Kansas State University, presented: "Where We Are with Cell Therapy for Graft Versus Host Disease."
  • Dr. David Prentice of the Family Research Council provided a very timely presentation on the regulatory considerations in stem cell therapy with particular attention to obtaining regulatory approvals and maintaining compliance with Federal, state, and local laws.
  • Dr. Rajasingh Johnson of the Cardiovascular Research Institute at the University of Kansas Medical Center, presented: "Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells from Adult Human Cells."
  • Dr. Deryl Troyer of Kansas State University presented: "Wharton's Jelly Cells as Delivery Vehicles."
  • Dr. Tom Yankee of the University of Kansas Medical Center presented: "Next Generation Modified Antigen Receptors."
  • Dr. Doug Myers of Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City Missouri, presented: "Chimeric Antigen Receptor Modified T Cells for Solid Tumors."
  • Dr. Joseph McGuirk of the University of Kansas Medical Center presented: "Advances in Stem Cell Transplantation."
  • Dr. Linheng Li of the Stowers Institute for Medical Research in Kansas City Missouri presented: "Cord Blood Expansion - Novel Approaches."
  • Dr. Omar Aljitawi of the University of Kansas Medical Center presented: "Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to Enhance Cell Engraftment,"
  • Dr. Nabil Dib of the Heart Sciences Center at Mercy Gilbert Medical Center and Chandler Regional Medical Center presented: "New Stem Cell Delivery Methods."

A special presentation was made by Kansas Governor Sam Brownback. Governor Brownback spoke briefly about the establishment of the Midwest Stem Cell Therapy Center at the University of Kansas Medical Center and the benefits it would bring to patients and their families in the region. He noted the advancements in the field of adult cell therapy and the importance of supporting the additional research needed to bring new cell therapies to those in need. He congratulated Dr. Dawn, the conference planning committee, and the conference faculty on bringing to fruition one of the goals of the MSCTC through continuing education of medical professionals and wished them continued success in future conferences.

A panel discussion followed the final presentation; panelists included Dr. Dawn, Dr. Simari, Dr. Dib, Dr. Troyer, Dr. Detamore, Dr. Burt, and Dr. Winegarner.

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