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Midwest Stem Cell Therapy Center

In 2013, the Kansas Legislature and Governor Sam Brownback approved the formation of the Midwest Stem Cell Therapy Center (MSCTC). The center is housed within the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) campus in Kansas City, Kansas. The MSCTC is designed to serve as a hub of adult stem cell therapy, research, and education in the State of Kansas and the adjoining region.

The MSCTC faculty and staff include physicians, scientists, and trainees representing the fields of adult stem cell biology, neurology, oncology, hematology, cardiac and vascular, endocrine, and other sub-specialties. These individuals represent several local and regional institutions, enabling the formation of a stem cell network of knowledge and information. This synergy among various institutions also fosters productive collaborations that may result in faster translation of basic science discoveries into the clinic.

It is because of this outstanding team of dedicated members, the MSCTC has made significant strides in the relatively short time since its inception. Indeed, the MSCTC now houses an FDA registered GMP facility with the demonstrated capability to provide clinical grade adult stem cells for use in clinical trials. Several clinical trials with adult stem cells are in the start-up phase within KUMC and external research collaborations are being discussed.  In addition, cutting edge molecular stem cell research is being conducted by MSCTC scientists.  These ongoing studies involve induced pluripotent stem cells, regulation of cellular differentiation, cord blood cells, as well as various transcription factors and other molecular pathways in adult stem cells.

Besides clinical trials and basic research, dissemination of information regarding adult stem cell treatment options for various diseases is a major goal of MSCTC. The web portals for these informational modules are currently under construction. In addition, the MSCTC is planning to expand the training of postdoctoral fellows in basic research in adult stem cell biology, as well as clinicians in adult stem cell-related topics. Our goal is to further broaden the multidisciplinary range of expertise available within MSCTC. Also, related to education, the Midwest Conference on Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine was initiated under the auspices of MSCTC in November 2013 and followed by our 2nd meeting this past September. These meetings have been extremely well received by a broad audience and have expanded to include internationally known leaders in stem cell research. We are expecting this annual meeting to continue to grow and be a key educational opportunity for the region as well as an opportunity for global research leaders in this field to exchange the most recent data on adult stem cell therapy.

While we have made great strides since our induction, we also understand that we are a very nascent center, and as such, have a long way to go. At the same time, we are very stimulated by the support and enthusiasm surrounding the MSCTC - and remain firmly committed to promoting adult stem cell therapy and research - so that patients, with often incurable diseases, may have hope.

Thank you for visiting. We hope to count on your support toward improving lives with adult stem cells!

Buddhadeb Dawn, M.D.
Director, Midwest Stem Cell Therapy Center


Last modified: May 20, 2015
MSCTC Director

B Dawn

Buddhadeb Dawn, M.D.

Director, Midwest Stem Cell Therapy Center

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