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REDCap Introduction

1. Access to REDCap: 

Requirements for access:

  • All KUMC faculty, staff and students can access REDCap using their KUMC username and password.
  • Any quesions related to KUMC usernames/passwords should be directed to KUMC Information Resources Help Desk at 913-945-9999.
  • Shared KUMC user accounts (e.g. cannot be used to log into REDCap. This is in direct violation of HIPAA. KUMC Information Resources enforce this by not giving passwords to shared accounts.

External Collaborator Access

  • Researchers at KUMC can provide external collaborators with access to their projects in KUMC REDCap using KUMC affiliate accounts.
  • Researchers at KUMC have to put in an Affiliate Account creation request before the collaborators can be granted access to the REDCap project. Note: only departmental account requestors may submit this request to Information Resources.
  • Once the collaborators have an affiliate account they can be granted access to REDCap projects.

2. Training & Support

  • REDCap Training Videos are a great starting point.
  • KUMC Enterprise Analytics and Medical Informatics also holds biweekly clinics to provide training and answer questions. These clinics are held on first and third Tuesdays each month from 12-1:30PM at 3001D Student Center. Users who want to join the clinic are encouraged to sign up.
  • Users can also contact REDCap Help Desk at for training or questions regarding REDCap features.
  • REDCap users can also request consults or group training sessions.

3. REDCap Code of Conduct

  • To NOT enter any "real" data until the project has been moved into production.
  • To NOT share your login credentials with other individuals.
  • To only grant project user rights to approved study team members or individuals who are required to have access related to their job duties.
  • To be responsible for revoking project access to any users who are no longer part of study team, or have left the institution.
  • If the project involves human subjects research: To ensure the project has been submitted to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for review or exemption and has been APPROVED before the project will be moved to production and data collection will commence.
  • To accurately represent the purpose of the project (research, quality improvement, operational support), and if this project involves human subjects research, fill in additional details such as PI and IRB#.
  • To NOT use this project for commercial purposes. (For questions around commercial, please contact KUMC REDCap Support.)
  • To immediately report unauthorized access or disclosure of proprietary or personally identifiable information or security issues to Information Security by calling 913-588-3333.
  • If you are in violation of the above policies, your REDCap access may be revoked and the project archived.

Need more help?

  • View training videos: REDCap Training Resources.
  • Read the FAQs Page.
  • Attend the Lunch and Learn training clinic in 3001D Student Center (12-1:30PM) on the first and third Tuesday of each month. Register in advance if possible, but drop-ins are welcome.
  • Ask the REDCap Administrator for a consultation via the REDCap Request form.

REDCap at KUMC is not CFR Part 11 Compliant. Please contact KUMC REDCap Support if you have any projects that need this.

REDCap at KUMC should not be used to store data that is required for patient care and needs to be available in "Emergency mode". Please contact if you have any projects that might contain such data.


Last modified: Feb 01, 2019
Current News

REDCap Upgrade New Features:

  1. Online Designer
    1. Smart Variable can be used in piping.
    2. Samart Variables can be used in Branching logic
  2. PDFs Export
    1. PDF customization Header and hide URL/logo.
    2. PDF looks cleaner and questionsa are separated by lines. Headings are highlighted.
  3. Record Satus Dashboard
    1. Custom record status dashboards copy over.
    2. Smart Variables can be used.
  4. File Repository
    1. PDF Survey Archive tab.
  5. Participant List
    1. Multiple invitation deletion
    2. Specific Record search
    3. Record number column.
  6. Survey Settings
    1. Compose Survey Inviation link verbiage is modifiable.
    2. Smart variables can be used.
    3. Survey-specific email Invitation Field.
    4. PDF Auto-ARchiver + e-Consent Framework
  7. DDP on FHIR
    1. Importing data into REDCap from an EHR (electronic health record system), such as Epic.

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