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Chief Research Informatics Officer, Tamara Winden, PhD

Dr. Tamara Winden is Chief Research Informatics Officer and Research Assistant Professor in Internal Medicine at the University of Kansas Medical Center.  Dr. Winden received her PhD from the University of Minnesota in Health Informatics with a minor in Cognitive Science.  Her doctoral coursework focused on human computer interaction and usability and her dissertation research focused on developing a model representation of social determinants of health, specifically residence, living situation and living conditions.

Dr. Winden

Dr. Winden has over 20 years of experience in healthcare information systems management and support.  For the last 11 years she has focused on clinical and research informatics.  Her clinical background is in the area of transplantation immunogenetics performing histocompatibility testing to match organ donors and recipients at the University of Minnesota.  This genome work led her to get more involved in information systems and data management.  Prior to joining the University of Kansas, Dr. Winden led the Clinical Research Informatics and Analytics team at Allina Health System in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  In that role she built a team to perform data extracts for research, implemented Epic EHR tools and data capture systems to support research.  Starting in 2015, Dr. Winden became site Principal Investigator for the Patient Centered Learning Health Systems Network (LHSNet), and awarded a Clinical Data Research Network (CDRN) contract from the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). The LHSNet brought together academic medical centers and health systems across five states and focused on developing computable phenotypes for heart failure, and Osteogenesis Imperfecta. 

As Chief Research Informatics Officer at KU, Dr. Winden and her team are focused on optimization of the Epic EHR infrastructure to support the research activities across the university.  In addition, her team supports individual research studies in utilizing and integrating research into the EHR for point of care and patient portal subject recruitment, workflow analysis and EHR tool solution implementation, study administration, and data capture.  Dr. Winden's research interests are focused on EHR usability, human factors engineering, and EHR tool design for optimal data capture, visualization, clinical decision support and research.

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Last modified: Mar 05, 2019