Official Headcount Summary of Enrollment

The University of Kansas' Office of Institutional Research and Planning creates frozen data sets of official enrollment at the Lawrence (including Edwards) and Medical Center campuses on the first, 20th, and last day of classes for the fall and spring terms, and on the first and last day for the summer term. To determine which program or campus a student is counted in, a variety of factors are used, such as the program level and the campus location of the majority of the student's coursework. Medical residents at the Medical Center are counted based upon working location, either Kansas City or Wichita.

On the 20th day of classes, Enterprise Analytics creates an official report of enrollment at the Medical Center, which is then approved by the Registrar at KUMC for dispersion to the campus community. This report is then made available to the general public via the web.

Each report shows the last five years of enrollment, both total counts within each school, and further enumerated by student classification. Demographic and other categorical data are also provided.

For questions regarding these reports, please contact Enterprise Analytics.  Past reports available upon request.

Fall 20th Day
Spring 20th Day
Fall 2017
Spring 2018
Fall 2016
Spring 2017

Enterprise Analytics uses Fall 20th Day enrollment when reporting to external agencies.

Last modified: Feb 27, 2018
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