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The University of Kansas Medical Center Research Institute (KUMC-RI) publishes an annual report of extramural award funding that includes grants, contracts, clinical trials, cooperative agreements, and other supporting mechanisms. The Office of Enterprise Analytics (EA) has historically assisted the KUMC-RI in producing this report.

The "Extramural Awards by Funding Type" report details all extramural awards** at the department level by funding agency type, such as NIH, other federal, State of Kansas, private grants, and private clinical trials.  The number of awards listed in the table is a subset of all active awards, namely those that received funding during the fiscal year.

Reports are available for years back to fiscal year 2010.  To obtain copies of the RI annual reports, please visit here.

** These are externally-funded research, training, and service grants and contracts and clinical trial revenue which are managed by KUMC-RI.  Starting with the Fiscal Year 2016 report, we have removed stating the annual revenue from KU Innovation and Collaboration, and have separated other affiliated sources of research funding (e.g. KU Endowment) from the primary table.

Extramural Awards by Funding Type
Year-to-Year Comparisons
Fiscal Year 2017
FY 2013-17
Fiscal Year 2016
FY 2012-16
Last modified: Mar 02, 2018
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