KUMC Data (Fact Books)

The Office of Enterprise Analytics provides the Medical Center and the public with summary data about our academic programs and their students, faculty, and research at KUMC.

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Fact Book Summary Data
Degree and Certificate Programs Offered 53 Degree Programs (FY 2017)
Official Headcount Summary of Enrollment 3,556 (Fall 2017 20th Day)
Official Report on Accreditation of Programs (see Fact Book)
Tuition and Fees - Rates (see Fact Book)
Official # of Degrees and Certificates Awarded 956 (FY 2017)
Official Summary Statistics about Faculty* 1,336 (October 2017)
Extramural Awards by Funding Agency** $108,519,446 (FY 2016)
NIH Awards - Funding Totals and Rankings 67th (SoM Ranking, FFY 2016)
U.S. News Rankings (see Fact Book)

FY = Kansas fiscal year (Jul 1 - Jun 30);      FFY = Federal fiscal year (Oct 1 - Sep 30)

* See fact book for details on which faculty are included in this count
** Data includes research, service, and training grants and gifts related to research activities from affiliated partners like KU Endowment - see fact book for more details.

Last modified: Oct 11, 2017
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