Megan Griffin

Megan Griffin

Why did you choose KUMC?

I am a Kansas Jayhawk through and through! Not only do I love KU traditions, but I also love the quality of education provided. KUMC offers competitive programs in bachelor and higher education degrees; their occupational therapy program has been consistently ranked in the top 10 for many years and currently is tied for No. 5 in the country. I am grateful for the opportunity to be educated at such a well-renowned school. Rock Chalk!


Megan GriffinDo you have any tips for a smooth transition from a traditional undergraduate campus to a professional/graduate campus?

Embrace it! What I think is so great about KUMC is that it is a tight-knit community! It can be intimidating to get involved at bigger universities, but here it is easy to be involved in various leadership programs and clubs. It is also amazing to have the opportunity to form personal relationships with professors and students from other classes. This is a great resource! Advice from others can really help make the transition not only smooth but also enjoyable.


What is great about your program?

What is great about my program is that it is small enough to get to know everyone, including all the faculty and professors. We are a close group. It is also great that our program is actively researching and making advances in the study of Occupational Therapy. And lastly, I love the opportunity to do fieldwork in the Kansas City area; there are so many great institutions and therapists to work with.


Megan GriffinWhat advice do you have about being a successful KUMC student?

Learn the campus — it is easy to get lost, but once you learn the resources available and where to access them, KUMC is much less confusing and even helpful! Also, learning to use the resources at Dykes Library can make research and studying much less stressful. Similarly, utilizing study rooms and quiet floors can provide either a social or secluded environment to optimize one's personal study needs.


What do you like best about Kansas City and the community?

I love the variety of activities Kansas City offers, particularly to a younger crowd. Whether it's hanging out at First Friday's in the Art District, attending a Sporting KC game at Livestrong stadium, eating barbeque at Oklahoma Joe's, or shopping on the Plaza, there is fun for everyone! I never get bored and am often torn between attending one event over another. Kansas City is a great place to live at any age and truly experience a unique culture.

Last modified: Feb 16, 2012
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Megan Griffin

Degree Program:
Master's of Occupational Therapy

Tulsa, OK