Patient Comments

KU Patient Satisfaction Surveys indicated patients were pleased with care provided as noted by individual comments and recognition of care.

Dr. Trang Ho was absolutely outstanding.  She listened well, explained what has happened and took time to contact the family.  She was very honest.  (10/14)

Dr, Dani Zoorob was an exceptional physician, first time he was my surgeon and physician and I must say I was vey impressed. (10/14)

 Dr. Ryan Taylor and associates were excellent.  Very Informative and professional. (10/14)

 Dr. Hadley Wyre treated me very well.  Very caring doctor.  His team was awesome as well! (7/14)

Dr. Philip Hylton is professional, personable and knowledgeable. (7/14).

Dr. Heather Male  - exceptional physician, down to earth, made the bad seem better, restored our HOPE. (7/14)

Dr. Moben Mirza always kept me informed of my status and gave me the encouragement I wanted.  Outstanding physician.  I was privileged to have him as my surgeon.  (7/14)

Last modified: Oct 16, 2014