Patient Comments

KU Patient Satisfaction Surveys indicated patients were pleased with care provided as noted by individual comments and recognition of care.

Dr. Howard Rosenthal was amazing and we couldn't have been more pleased with surgery outcome.  (7/14)

Dr, Alan Fleming was an outstanding physician in every sense of the word and he is the consummate professional.  Thank you!  (7/14)

Drs. Marilee McGinnis and RIchard Korengtager did excellent work. (7/14)

Dr. Hadley Wyre treated me very well.  Very caring doctor.  His team was awesome as well! (7/14)

Dr. Philip Hylton is professional, personable and knowledgeable. (7/14).

Dr. Heather Male  - great bedside manner, caring person. (7/14)

Last modified: Jul 21, 2014