Patient Comments

KU Patient Satisfaction Surveys indicated patients were pleased with care provided as noted by individual comments and recognition of care.

I can't say enough good things abou Dr. Kahdi Udobi.  He was attentive day and night.  We will never forget him. (4/16)


Dr. Zalina Ardasenov is outstanding - takes time to make sure we understand.  (4/6)


Dr. Tim Schmitt most likely saved my life for which I am profoundly grateful. (4/16)

Drs. Roukoz Chamoun and Donald Beahm, along with all the other physicians caring for me were very professional, informative and kind. (5/16)

Outstanding - cannot say enought about Dr. John Ashcraft.  Kind and Compassionate, yet factual. (5/16)


Last modified: May 18, 2016