Patient Comments

KU Patient Satisfaction Surveys indicated patients were pleased with care provided as noted by individual comments and recognition of care.

Dr. Ashwani Mehta always gives the best care and is good to talk to the family.  He is always upbeat and patient with me. (2/15)

Dr, Matthew Swan, great bedside manner.  Kept me well informed. (4/15)

Dr. Jules Nazzaro was great. He was very attentive to me, (the wife) and our children. (5/15)

 Drs. Paul Camarata and Albert Eid provided superior care and attention (7/15)

Dr. Suman Kambhampati is knowledgeale and thorough with regard to current practics and cutting edge treatment options. He is willing and supporting of patients seeking a second opinion.  (8/15)

Dr. Gary Johnson - has extraordinary patient skills and genuinely makes me know he cares about my health.  He is extremely devoted to his patients. (7/15)


Last modified: Aug 18, 2015