Patient Comments

KU Patient Satisfaction Surveys indicated patients were pleased with care provided as noted by individual comments and recognition of care.

My doctors are the best of any in the world led by Dr. Randall Genton. (2/14)

Dr. Emily Steinbis was very comforting.  Everything she said she would do before surgery, she did.  Her visit during my stay, directly after surgery, showed her compassion. (4/14)

Dr. Evelyn Reynolds was so personable and calming- I wish every physician could be like that. (1/14)

All of my attending physicians were excellent - My neurosurgeon, Dr. Roukoz Chamoun, was a master.  I will be eternally grateful for all of them (2/14)

Dr. Daniel Buckles of the GI Consulting Services was caring, professional, and intelligent.(1/14)

Last modified: Apr 11, 2014