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 Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for your generosity and encouragement for the effort to support our Kansas City Kansas Police Department.  

Heather Male, Justin Green, Chris Larsen, Chief Johnson and I visited with Chief Zeigler last week and delivered $18,298.00 on your behalf for the funds for the families of Officers Lancaster and Melton.  

Chief Zeigler and Assistant Chief York were extremely appreciative of our contribution and support.  Chief Zeigler wrote the following message for his weekly Departmental Newsletter and asked meto share it with all of you:

"The KU Physician Staff dropped off over $18,000 for the families of Detective Lancaster and Detective Melton - it was an amazing donation as it came from the staff themselves. The physicians and men/women on staff at KU fought to save the lives of both Detective and Captain Melton.  They treated both families and our Department with great compassion.  When the phhysician entered the room and began to tell Captain Melton's family that he did not make it, I observed a physically and emotionally shaken physician struggle to find the words to tell heartbroken family, friends, and officers in the room that he did not make it - I was moved by the impact Dave had made on him during the relatively short period of time the doctor tried to save his life.  We will be forever grateful to the staff at KU."

Again, thanks to all of you who made this possible!  Let's continue to show our support in simple terms.  As you encounter our local police officers at work or in the community, don't forget to greet them and thank them for what they do.  We do share a common bond of public service, and just a small personal sign of appreciation means a great deal to them.   

Lou Wetzel, MD

Chief of Staff






Last modified: Dec 16, 2016

Louis H. Wetzel, MD
Chief of Staff