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 Dear Colleagues,

This year we will have two separate ballots distributed for the Active Medical Staff members to consider and submit votes.  The first ballot will be for the 2017 Slate of Officers.  There are two positions open, Vice Chief of Staff and Representative as well as voting for the new Nominating Committee for 2018 which consists of five members.  

The second ballot is for proposed bylaws revisions to the Medical Staff Bylaws.  For your convenience we have posted the redline version of the bylaws on this website and have sent all active staff members a summary of the proposed revisions. 


Ballot explanation for Bylaws 42517

KU Bylaws - Cumulative Redline


You will receive ballots through Survey Monkey .  These ballots must be completed before 5 pm on May 16, 2017.

Lou Wetzel, MD

Chief of Staff


Last modified: Apr 24, 2017

Louis H. Wetzel, MD
Chief of Staff