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From Greg Ator, MD, CMIO

Top 5 Ambulatory Provider Changes for July 20

The Epic Upgrade, going live July 20, 2017, will add many of the enhancements available in Epic version 2015. Here are the top five changes affecting ambulatory providers. See the details in the "Epic Upgrade Ambulatory Providers" guidebook, which you'll find in the O2 Library.

•1.     Chart Search: right click on any word, advanced search options (pg.15)

•2.     Chart Review: enhanced look and feel, filters improved (pg. 8)

•3.     Reconcile Outside Information: patients can update medications, allergies and medical history in MyChart (pg. 20)

•4.     Shared notes (defaults to not share) (pg. 31)

•5.     CareEverywhere makeover: more clinical details (pg. 69)

You'll also find a 10-minute video covering these changes on the TLC application on 24/7 or at You should already be enrolled, so you can launch the video from My Learning > My To Do List.

Thanks for your attention to this important information. If you have questions, please contact your OA or talk with a member of the eiPAC or resident superuser group. We're your representatives and liaisons with HITS, and we'd like to help.

P.S.  Look for superusers and OAs


Last modified: Jul 21, 2017

Louis H. Wetzel, MD
Chief of Staff