Lindsay Abbott

Lindsay Abbott

What do you like about being a student at KUMC?

The class sizes are relatively small so you can really get to know your instructors. And I can't say enough about some of the instructors I've had so far... I am in an Applied Drug Therapy course this semester that I LOVE; I actually look forward to logging onto Angel to listen to the instructor's lectures.


Lindsay AbbottWhat has been the best unexpected thing about your time here at KUMC?

Getting the opportunity to teach in the School of Nursing's Clinical Skills Lab for the past few semesters has been a wonderful experience for me. I love, love, love working with the new nursing students!


Where is your favorite study location on campus?

I really like to study upstairs at Dykes. It is generally pretty quiet, and the librarians are always very helpful.


What advice do you have about being a successful KUMC student?

Carefully structure your time (especially if you work and/or have a family) and be sure to check your email frequently!


Lindsay AbbottDo you have any general advice for incoming students?

Get familiar with the myKUMC tab on the university homepage. There are several software downloads available at a discounted rate to students. Also get familiar with the library website. As a student you have access to a number of different journals, resources, etc. The librarians are always happy to help.


What advice would you give incoming students about parking/transportation around campus?

Read the street signs. There are a few streets near campus that don't require a permit or require you to move your car within two hours. Two-hour parking means two-hour parking. You will be ticketed, trust me.

Last modified: Mar 01, 2012
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Lindsay Abbott

Degree Program:
Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Track

Topeka, KS