Deborah Barton
Sr. Coordinator
Phone: 913-588-0798     E-mail

Deborah serves as Editorial Assistant for the journal Neurorehabilitation & Neural Repair and provides support for the research programs at the Landon Center on Aging. She also produces a weekly e-newsletter and assists in organization of community outreach fund raisers, outings and special events.

Tanya Bishop

Tanya Bishop
Project Manager
Phone: 913-588-1466      E-mail

Tanya oversees the video conferencing needs of the Central Plains Geriatric Education Center.  She installs and manages multiple mobile videoconferencing units at remote locations across Kansas and Missouri and assists organizations with existing ITV equipment to become part of the CPGEC network.  She is also responsible for video production of all CPGEC programs. 


Adam Bruetsch, MS
Research Engineer
Phone: 913-588-6372      E-mail

Adam is a Research Engineer in the Human Performance Laboratory. He has a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. His duties include recruiting, scheduling, and collecting kinematic and kinetic data from human subjects, maintaining the laboratory equipment in the HPL, and post-processing collected data using biomechanical modeling software.


Matt Chandler, MBA
Program Director
Phone: 913-588-3094     E-Mail:

Matt is Program Director for the Life Enrichment and Wellness programs for the Community Outreach Program.


Diane Clark
Assistant Director
Phone: 913-588-1218     E-Mail:

Diane leads the Community Outreach Programs team of the Landon Center on Aging. She is also responsible for the day to day operational oversight of the Landon Center on Aging.


Janet Cozza
Information Resource Developer
Phone: 913-588-1266     E-Mail:

Janet designs and formats all products for the Landon Center on Aging. She manages, all Landon Center on Aging websites, and on-line course websites. Janet is also part of the Community Outreach Team and is the Images of Aging Photo Contest coordinator.


Jane DeLeon
Administrative Officer
Phone: 913-588-1424     E-Mail:

Jane is the Administrative Officer for the financial area of the Landon Center on Aging.  She assists in the preparation of administrative and financial forms and analyzing data.


Mark Fox
Network Specialist
Phone: 913-588-1296     E-Mail:

Mark provides computer networking, hardware and software support to all staff and faculty of the Center on Aging. Additionally, Mark operates the Center's audio/visual equipment, which includes setup/technical support for audio/video conferencing. 


Angela Gosserand 
Senior Coordinator for Undergraduate Education 
Phone: 913-588-1306     E-Mail:

Angela is the Clerkship Administrator for the third year student rotation in Geriatric Medicine, and she provides administrative support to the Program Director for the Kansas Reynolds Grant in Aging.  She is responsible for the daily activities in undergraduate medical education, and also assists with program coordination and planning for the Reynolds grant projects.


Gayle Green
LPN Geriatric Clinic
Phone: 913-588-1204

Gayle is the LPN in the Geriatric Clinic, and performs daily clinical duties.


Larry Hicks, BS, MS
Programmer/Web Developer 
Phone: 913-945-7466      E-Mail:

Larry is a recovering engineer and small business manager who has been writing software, in various forms, for the last decade, much of it at KUMC. He specializes in database-driven websites.


Iva Hornor
Lead Fitness Instructor
Phone: 913-588-0716     E-mail:

Iva is the Lead Fitness Instructor in the Landon Center on Aging. Iva has a BA in Physical Education and Health. She leads exercise classes for older adults at the Landon Fitness Center. 

Myra Hyatt

Myra Hyatt, LSCSW
Social Worker
Phone: 913-588-2365    E-Mail:

Myra serves as a social worker to both the Community Outreach Program and the Geriatric Medicine Clinic. She has 15 years experience providing social work service to seniors and their families.


Miceala Tinoco
Senior Administrative Assistant
Phone: 913-588-1549     E-Mail:

Miceala's duties include ordering supplies, maintaining office inventory supplies, backup timekeeper, and scheduling and maintaining the events calendar for all classroom and meeting rooms for the Landon Center on Aging. She also serves as receptionist for the Center's administrative offices.


Amy Wiedenmann
RN Geriatric Clinic
Phone: 913-588-1204

Amy is the RN in the Geriatric Clinic, and performs daily clinical duties.


Laura Hughes Zahner
Research Associate
Phone: 913-588-3097     E-mail:

Laura is a Research Associate involved in the assessment and treatment of stroke survivors in the human performance lab who are part of several current studies.

Mailing address for above:  Center on Aging, Mail Stop1005, University of Kansas Medical Center, 3901 Rainbow Blvd, Kansas City, KS 66160
Fax: 913-5881201

Last modified: Oct 20, 2016