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Lab Facilities

Human Performance Laboratory (HPL) that occupies over 2,500 square feet on the first floor of the Landon Center on Aging building. Major equipment includes a six high speed digital cameras (Motion Analysis Inc.). six high speed digital cameras for upper extremity assessment (Vicon Motion Systems)., Delsys wireless EMG systems, four AMTI 1000 force platforms, a Cybex 6000 Testing and Rehabilitation System, Biodex Rehabilitation Treadmill, GaitRite mat, an overhead harness system, Opal wireless inertial sensors, and a customized treadmill device for postural response testing. Data collection from the wireless inertial sensor system is synchronized with data collection from the motion capture system. Beyond the main laboratory space, three additional spaces house graduate student research offices, an electronics/design shop and equipment storage

Motion Capture Systems: Six, high-speed digital cameras for gait and balance assessment (Eagle System; Motion Analysis Corporation, Santa Rosa, CA) and a separate six camera upper extremity assessment system (512 cameras, Vicon Motion Systems, Denver, CO)
Force measurement: Embedded force platforms (AMTI, Watertown, MA) mounted into a concrete subfloor slab for isolation of kinetic signals.
Trigno Wireless EMG; (Delsys Incorporated, Boston, MA)
Wireless Inertial Sensor System: Mobility Lab (Opal sensors, APDM, Portland, OR)
Body weight support systems: custom built
Isokinetic Dynamometer: Cybex (Cybex Intl, Medway, MA)
Medical Treadmill: Woodway (Woodway USA, Waukesha, WI)
Vibrating Tactors: Vibratron (Physitemp Instruments, Clifton, NJ)

Last modified: Mar 05, 2020